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Give us a call at 888-999-1988 and we will get you covered!

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Real Security

Backed by Insurance Companies for your protection

Platinum Protection

We cover your vehicle from Bumper to Bumper

Low Monthly Bills

You can now have peace of mind Claims get paid FOR you

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Get a custom Auto Warranty Quote today from US Direct Protect!

Ironclad Coverage

Quality Auto Warranties at unbeatable rates.

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We can get the best price for your specific vehicle


We make Car Warranty Adminstrators compete for your Car Extended Warranty Coverage. This is how we get Car Owners the Best Extended Auto Warranty protection every time. Call and speak to one of our friendly agents today. They will help you decide what coverage is best for you and your family. Powertrain , Full Comp. , or a Bumper to Bumper Warranty for every Make and Model has different coverage. Let our experts walk you through it.

Don`t Pay Auto Bills

Having The Car Extended Warranty Advantage

The worst thing in the world is to own a car that does not work or having to pay your entire paycheck on auto bills to get your car to work or worse not being able to pay the repair bills on a car you still make monthly payments on.

Extended Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts help car owners keep their cars on the road and expel the fear or worry of what you would do if the car broke down. Because if it did, you would not pay for it….and the car would get fixed. Auto Warranties give you peace of mind. Auto Warranties give you protection from unexpected mechanical failure.

Car Extended Warranty

When you call Car Extended Warranty you have someone on your side. We have licensed software that allows us to shop the top A rated carriers to find you the best extended warranty. This level of competition is why we get you the same policy as the next guy for $100`s cheaper.

Call Today!

Speak to one of our trained Extended Auto Warranty Agents today. Let us pick the best coverage for you at the best price. We show you whats on the market and together we obtain the Coverage that makes sense for you. DON`T PAY AUTO BILLS.

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